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[Updates] Prayer Topics – August 2016

Both the Republican and Democratic Conventions have elected their Presidential Candidates for the upcoming November elections.  With the Presidential Campaigns fully underway, may we elect a candidate who loves the LORD, has good character, and will seek to restore this land to Him. We believe the solution to many of the nation’s problems and conflicts…


[Updates] Prayer Topics – June 2016

Please pray that the Presidential nominees for the 2016 election would be prayerful in their campaigns and seek the wisdom of the LORD.  Let us also pray that God’s presence would be upon each nominee – that whoever is elected would be pleasing in the sight of the LORD. Please pray that the successor for…


[Updates] Prayer Topics – May 2016

This coming May 5, 2016, is the National Day of Prayer. As we cover our country in prayer, may Christians across the nation fervently seek the Father’s will, coming together in earnest repentance, as we cry out for revival, healing, and restoration for America. May His presence cover each and every Prayer Gathering taking place...

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