Praise the Lord!

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Dear Friends,
For those of you who have prayed with us & given sacrificially for us to acquire the 471-acre Lindale, TX property for our Kingdom Campus, we want to share with you the amazing news that GOD DID IT!

The last few months as we labored in prayer and shared about this opportunity to everyone who would listen, God stretched and tested our faith—do we truly believe that God can and will do this? Can the vision that God gave Dr. John Kim to establish a revolutionary and unique College, happen soon? We feel that God answered our doubts and questions with a resounding “YES!”

We are so humbled and grateful to God for His faithfulness and guidance. We are thankful for all of YOU who have really walked with us in this sometimes painful few months in prayer and giving. We realize that this is just the beginning. And we want to invite you to continue to journey with us as we start renovations, utilize the facilities to be a blessing to the Church, and work on establishing the Kingdom College.

Praise God with us!!