[Updates] Prayer Topics – May 2017

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Updated Prayer Requests for U.S.A.

  1. Let America return to God!We are thankful to have read reports that the Trump Administration (Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Housing Ben Carson, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo, etc.) have been conducting weekly Bible Studies.
  2. Neil Gorsuch is sworn in as the 113th justice of the Supreme Court, placing a devoted conservative in the seat once occupied by Justice Antonin Scalia. President Trump will be nominating 102 individuals to serve in the Supreme Court.  Please pray that those who are installed will have much wisdom and discernment in helping establish laws that will ultimately be pleasing to the LORD.
  3. May God pour His divine blessing and grace upon the United States and the 407,000 locations across the nation as it engages in the 66th Annual National Day of Prayer on May 4, 2017.
  4. President Trump is working to address the North Korean nuclear concerns.  Please pray that God take control of these concerns, that war will be avoided and conflicts with North Korea resolved.

Updated Prayer Requests for JAMA

  1. We praise God for allowing us to successfully host the Hawaii Intercessory Prayer Conference through His grace.  Please pray that we will be able to host a venue focusing on the Next Generation in Hawaii next year.
  2. Please pray that the Intercessory Prayer Conference to take place on May 10-12 (Wed-Fri) will continue to be planned and prepared for faithfully, and that various churches and their ministries would attend.  Please also pray for a great revival and a great change to take place through the local churches in the Michigan area.
  3. Please pray for prepared and well-fit candidates/students to attend the 13th Class of the Global Leadership Development Institute for forty days, starting June 17, and for the 2nd Class of CP:R (a program for incoming college freshmen) from July 2 to 7.
  4. JAMA’s Office will be moving to the JAMA Global Campus (Official Name) in Texas in August of 2017.
  5. Please pray that the necessary funds required to begin campus remodeling in Lindale will be received.
  6. Please pray for us to be centered in prayer as we prepare for 2017 ministry.
    – May 4 | National Day of Prayer
    – May 10-12 | Michigan Intercessory Prayer Conference
    – June 17 – July 28 | GLDI (US Ten Year Anniversary)
    – July 2-7 | CP:R (Equipping Program for Ingoing College Freshmen)
  7. Please pray for health, empowering of the Holy Spirit, and wisdom upon Dr. John C. Kim, Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang, and the entire JAMA team.
  8. Please pray for continued financial support.  We trust that the LORD will continue being faithful and meet the needs of this ministry.