Dr. John C. Kim | Founder and Chairman of the Board

Dr. John C. Kim is the founder and chairman of the board of Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA) & the founder and president of Global Leadership Development Institute (GLDI). He is Professor Emeritus of International Business and Management at California State University, Monterey Bay. He was a Distinguished Professor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and received the highest honor (Edith R. Bullock’s Prize for Excellence) from the University of Alaska Statewide System. He has also served as a Special Assistant to the governors of Alaska and has taught at universities including Pepperdine University, for four decades. He received his masters and doctoral degrees in Political Science (American Government) from University of Southern California and he published numerous books and articles. He is author many Christian books including Why Me? in Korean and English. Dr. Kim has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people, learned societies, Christian communities, professionals as well as business leaders and others in the U.S. and internationally on life, vision casting, leadership, globalization and its implications, ownership and character. He is married to the love of his life, Sarah, and together they have two grown children, Sharon (married to Edward) and Paul (married to Jenny) and five grandchildren, Mark, Grace, Noelle, Lucy, and John.

Rev. Ezra Soon Young Kang | President

Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang is the President of Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA). Upon meeting Dr. John C. Kim in 1986, Rev. Kang partnered with him in 1993, starting Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA), and serving as Director and Vice President. Passionate about praying for this nation, Rev. Kang has been integral in networking with pastors from all over the nation to gather and pray for repentance and revival of America. Rev. Kang has been the Director of the Korean Campus Crusade for Christ in the US from 1981-1997, discipling students on college campuses and developing lay ministers for local church growth.

Ms. Cathy Rabb | Executive Vice President

Ms. Cathy Rabb is the Executive Vice President of JAMA and the Dean of Operations of GLDI. She has spearheaded JAMA Youth Leadership conferences, New Awakening conferences and regional conferences across the nation. Ms. Rabb received her B.A. in English from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. She is passionate about helping others see God’s goodness and His wonderful trustworthiness. She also enjoys finding good eats and spending time with her husband, David.